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What People are Saying About

Kelly and Limitless Life Coaching

"I look forward to making these (clean eating recipes) for my family. So far I've lost about six pounds following all this advice! I feel the greatest I've been in a long time and even got to lower my insulin intake by four units!"

- Stephanie M.

"Cannot believe I have been 5 days with no soda. I LOVE soda. The headaches have finally passed and surprisingly enough I am not as hungry without all the sugar in my diet. 5 days cold turkey has been hard but not impossible."

- Christie E.

"Thank you Kelly Driscoll for getting me back to drinking more water every day. Also, for getting me off Coca-Cola (the headaches have now subsided!). Last, but not least, for reminding me what a reasonable portion size is! I am excited to report I lost 2 lbs. in my first week of clean eating."

- Jane B.

"Just have to share with you! I went to my doctor this morning....just for a little foot issue. I was amazed that I had not been to the doctor, for myself, in over two years. I go so often with three kids. He congratulated me on the weight loss, my blood pressure numbers were way down. He did not even whisper about taking blood for cholesterol or blood pressure meds! He listened to me tell him about the clean eating and my shakes. Smiling! (Been a while) To quote Coach Kelly " Wooo Hooo!"

- Lisa K.