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Paleo Sour Cream

You can play around with the ratio of lemon juice/cider vinegar and sea salt until you get it to a taste you like. This paleo sour cream also makes a really great base for a vegetable dip. Just add a little paleo mayo, dill, garlic powder, dried parsley, sea salt and ground pepper!

Tip: When selecting a brand of canned coconut milk, make sure to read the ingredient label! For it to be healthy, there should only be two ingredients; coconut milk and water.

Paleo Sour Cream

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By: The Paleo Cupboard
Prep Time
5 Minutes

Ingredient List

  • 1 Can Full Fat Coconut Milk, left in the fridge overnight
  • 1-2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice, or Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1/8 tsp Sea Salt



  1. Place the can of coconut milk in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours (or overnight). This will cause the cream to separate from the milk.

  2. Open the can of coconut milk and scrape out the cream into a medium sized bowl.

  3. Whisk the sea salt and the lemon juice or vinegar into the cream until well combined. Taste and add more lemon juice or sea salt if needed.

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Credit: The Paleo Cupboard